Rainbows and Lighthouses

Hello there! I’m so glad you’ve found us!

My name is Natalie, and I am mother to two amazing girls. In March 2017, my eldest daughter was diagnosed with autism. This threw us on to a path of awareness, understanding and self discovery. So, I started this blog to share these experiences, honour our feelings and progress, while hopefully throwing light into the lives of anyone else on this journey.

The blog has a very personal name. Rainbows and Lighthouses.

Rainbows represent my daughter. Rainbows are special, inspiring and unique. To me they also represent the colour and light she brings in to our lives and the light that I search for in the dark times.

Lighthouses also hold a special significance to me. A quote I once read said “Lighthouses don’t go looking for people to save. They stand tall and strong, and illuminate safe passage for others on this journey”

So that’s where I come in. I’m not here to “save” my daughter – she doesn’t need saving. I’m here to honour her, protect her and love her. I also hope to be that light and guidance, standing steady during the storm, a beacon and comforting signal for others who feel lost in their path. To me, that’s my purpose. So, here I am.

Please feel free to share any posts that resonate with you, and get in touch as I’d love to hear your experiences and feedback too!

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful Natalie, I have always wanted to do a Blog but never knew how.. Well Done you..
    I absolutely love the name and the reason behind,
    Completely Agree and can relate with every word… Massive Congratulations on doing this..xx

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  2. Love the name, a great way of seeing our role to our kids and one I’ll reflect back on on the tough days.
    I haven’t followed a blog before but as this is a journey that we are following also I’m keen to follow and support. All the best with this x

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  3. Thanks so much ! I’m new to this world and these are my worries too ! It’s just nice to know you not along .. The scariest is when I’m gone ! And Yes , they say i’m not to blame but I don’t feel the same !

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      Thank you so much. It is very scary. The weight can feel unbareable. Here to support you. We need a village right? x

  4. I need this right now. I’m the mom to a fantastic 18 year old who is struggling with his autism. We are in a dark spot and here you showed up today.

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      I am only just seeing this comment and it is making me cry. I am so glad that you found this at the time that you needed it. Thank you for your support and I’m right here with you Mama. x

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